SynapSonic Software

SynapSonic Software

SynapSonic Software produces software for medical laboratory and general use:

Along with commercial software I have also written a few other programs.

Download these Free, useful SynapSonic utilities here! database_down

Ol Monitor Ol Monitor is a turn-around-time management and acceleration tool for labs using the Sunquest lab information system.  OL_Monitor is a program that interacts with the Sunquest™ (Formerly Misys™) Laboratory information system. OL_Monitor integrates seamlessly with Esker™ Smarterm, the client of choice for most laboratories. Like a tireless unblinking eye, it keeps up with the Outstanding log. In addition it adds critical information the Outstanding log lacks, how long tests have been outstanding. This is just the beginning, read on to find out.

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  1. I downloaded DragInfo and installed it. Then I created a test panel and put some text in it. Then I dragged the test text to a MS Word document. It copied the text, and changed the text to the MS Word settings!

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