Sneak peek at new OL Monitor 3x

Sneak peek at new OL Monitor 3x

Here is a screenshot of the new OL Monitor I have been working on. (click for a larger view)

new olmonitor
(Don’t be overwhelmed by the eye popping colors and multiple dates/times, this is for demonstration only and date fields can be converted to other formats or hidden individually.)

Among the features in the works:

  • Read test data from various data sources.
  • Control over background and foreground coloring.
  • Filters and TAT’s now unified under ‘Rules’
  • Change look with ‘Skins’
  • Multiple tabs
  • Elegant, logical options configuration
  • Object-oriented program design based on .Net architecture will allow for easier updates and feature additions.
  • More flexible option storage locations and multiple configurations with easy switching.

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