DragInfo Version 1.004 sync with text file

DragInfo Version 1.004 sync with text file

Synchronizing with text file:

DragInfo now supports synchronizing with a plaintext file.  Changes to the xml file will update the plaintext file and vice versa.
Any snippets that exist in the xml file already or that you create will also be created within the text file.
On the other hand, DragInfo ignores any info in the text file that does not match a tab title.
Lets say you have you have a tab named “Dog”.  If a line is detected in the plaintext file with the word “Dog” (no other words on same line), the info below it will be treated as the snippet info.  The program knows the snippet for “Dog” ends when it sees more than 2 blank lines, the end of the file, or the name of another tab.
This program was written to store and easily drop test kit lot numbers and expirations that change frequently.
In our lab some prefer using the simple plaintext file and others like the new way.  So the plaintext sync options ensures that if one tech updates the lot numbers in either the program or the text file, those changes will by synced.  This way we don’t have to change the info in two places every time we switch kit lots.
The plaintext option is also a great way to have your info backed up in a simple format.

Periodic file change checks:

Both the text file and the xml file are checked every minute to see if they’ve been updated.
If they have, DragInfo will notify you.  This is useful if several instances of the program on different pc’s are sharing the same file.

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