Folders used by Ol Monitor

Folders used by Ol Monitor

Ol Monitor does it’s best to restrict the folders it works with to just one, the “Public\Documents\OlMonitor” folder.

Normally the Public folder is found on the C drive:
Of course Ol Monitor does read (but not write), to it’s folder in Program Files:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\OLMonitor VIM”

Normally you would never have to check file permissions on this folder.

The other folder you might have to set is the Smarterm Sessions folder.
Where/how to find the Smarterm Sessions folder:
The most likely locations will be:
Some older versions of Smarterm would put it in the Program Files directory:
“C:\Program Files\Esker\SmarTerm\Common\Sessions”
OlMonitor will attempt to change the Session folder location to be the OlMonitor folder in Public Docs, but it’s often not allowed to make the change.
Easy way to be certain which folder Smarterm uses:
You can check the location of the Session folder by loading up Smarterm:

And clicking Properties-Global options:
Inline image 1

Then select “Sessions” under File Locations:

Inline image 2

While you’re at it you might check that Ol Monitor has access to the Macros folder as well.  Ol Monitor does not even use this folder but it will check there to make sure there is a default macro file.  When Smarterm cannot locate the default macro file it gives an error which can prevent Ol Monitor from continuing.  So, to avoid the error, Ol Monitor will attempt to write a default macro file to that folder if it cannot find one there already

Precompiled files:.
Only during installation, Ol Monitor will need to write it’s Smarterm macro files directly to the Smarterm exe folder in Program Files:
Normally this is:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Esker\SmarTerm”
Ol Monitor does check the precompiled files in this folder to make sure they are present and the right version.  If Ol Monitor cannot access the folder you may get some error messages but it should go ahead and work fine.
More info on precompiled files:
Finally there are options to have Ol Monitor encrypt all the files it uses.  More info on that:


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