Lab Sheets

Lab Sheets

Here are a few forms, logsheets,  and templates that I have created for use in the lab.  Feel free to download and adapt for yourself!

If you have any that you would like to share add a comment or email me and I’ll add to the list.


Lab Logsheets and Forms:

MCHC Calculator (excel) – This simply calculates the MCHC, MCH, and MCV for you.


Clinitek 500 QC Sheets (excel) – If you save the qc printout from the Clinitek you can tape them to this weekly logsheet.  Normal ranges are printed on the sheet.  To make entering lot number and range changes easy, a macro dialog pops up when you open the document.  NOTE: You need to have macro security set to ‘Medium’ in Microsoft Excel or the dialog won’t pop up.  The default in Word is ‘High’.
Abnormal Kova
Normal Kova


Urinalysis Confirmatory QC Logsheet – (excel) – This is another automated qc sheet that allows you to enter ranges for your confirmatory qc.  It uses a macro dialog so as above make sure Excel macro security is set to ‘Medium’.


UA Daily Maintenance Log – (excel) – This is just a nice looking log to checkoff daily maintenance.  It too has a macro but it doesn’t do much, just sets the date.


Check out the Excel Macro tutorial for more spreadsheet magic!


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Download IEC standards, International Electrotechnical Commission standards.


More stuff:

Occult blood logsheet

Timer check logsheet

BSG Bleeding Time logsheet

3 instruments on 1 sheet daily qc log

Testing delay tracking log

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